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Postet av Klatring den 3. Feb 2023


I'm reposting the old information, slightly updated:

Hello fellow climbers! A kind reminder about the rules of using the free entrance from BIL:

  • Once a week in total. Average doesn't count, for example 0 times this week and 2 times the next one is not allowed, even if it sounds reasonable. I asked explicitly about this, but that's how it is. So max once a week in total for all the climbing centers.

  • If you leave the company and/or stop paying the BIL subscription, you obviously cannot keep using the BIL offer.

  • In the case of surpassing the quota you will receive a bill. If this happens repeatedly your membership will be cancelled.

It's not the first time in a short period that these rules are broken. It's very unfortunate because it's us who end up paying for it. The offer was reduced in the first place due to this kind of behaviour, and they will never fund any activity if this persists. So, out of respect for your fellow climbers ❤️, please stick to these simple rules, and feel free to ask if you have any questions about how to use your membership 😊

Regarding the access, different places have different solutions for this:

  • Klatreverket (Drammen, Torshov, Bryn, Grunnerløkka): I have to order a card for you. If you plan to climb in any of these places, send me an email and I'll order it right away.

  • Vulkan: here you just say you are from Telenor BIL and write your name in a list they will give you. You have to do this every time you go there.

  • Oslo Klatresenter (OKS)/Skullerud): Ask leader of Telenor climbing group to mail OKS in order to get registered as a Telenor climber - then you can get (for 50 Nok) a card for Telenor BIL

Other sources:

There's also more or less updated news at the @workplace "Climbing - Norway". We try to update both places - still slightly random.

The board:

Currently the board is limited, and we are happy for everyone who want to get involved :)

Leader: Anders Kløvstad

Vice president: Øystein Sagosen

Dont hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions.

Discount for Klatregruppa at Piteraq!

30% på alt Piteraq/XC Sports importerer selv (DMM, Edelrid m.m. - full oversikt av egenimporterte merker på )

20% på alle andre varer - se:

Piteraq har butikker i Sandvika, Åndalsnes og i Parkveien

For å aktivere rabatten/registrere deg:

Registrere deg som kunder på og ved første kjøp legge inn rabattkode: "KK"

Rabattkoden vil deretter ligge på brukeren.

Eller med referanse til avtalen i butikken/Telenor adgangskort.


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