About the climbing group


We climb - indoor, outdoor, buldring, craging, alpine climbing, sports climbing, ice climbing - you name it, we climb it! 

Currently, there's a lot of climbing activity in the group. We have a regular climbing session on tuesdays at Gneis(outdoor during summer months), some courses and climbing trips a few times a year.
As a member of the climbing group you will get one free access to Gneis or Klatreverket. The only exception of this rule is tuesdays at Gneis which does not count as the one free pass. This is an agreement that aims to gather our climbers in Telenor.

For questions and access to the climbing gyms contact Susanne Ackre(susanne.ackre@telenor.no)

Go to the workplace group(https://telenor.workplace.com/groups/1681846838762712) for more information about upcoming events and activities. 

Styret i gruppa

Leder: Susanne Ackre(susanne.ackre@telenor.no)

Styremedlem: Øystein Sagosen

Kontakt hovedstyret: Ole Ingar Aune