The Climbing library (@Expo):

We have guide books, training and security books available at "the Study" located on 4th floor at Expo. You can borrow the books for a short while, just remember to return them. We will keep the library up to date with new guide books and relevant topics.


We have two bouldering crash pads, 6 walkie talkies, security equipment, 2 sets of basic climbing equipment (harness, helmet, belay device, etc... - NB! Not shoes), first aid package and static rope/pulley/etc...

You can borrow this equipment for a shorter period of time. We have our equipment cage in J3f, if you don't have access to the zone, knock on the door!

For equipment or lend-lease questions, ask Anders Kløvstad (

Special offers for the climbing group: 

We now have a discount agreement with Piteraq! 30% on everything Piteraq/XC Sports imports themselves (DMM, Edelrid etc. - full overview of self-imported brands at ) and 20% on all other items(see: Piteraq has stores in Sandvika, Åndalsnes and Parkveien

To activate the discount/register:

Register as a customer at and with your first purchase enter the discount code "KK" or you can use your Telenor access card in one of the stores